Wood fired Kilns at Castle Hill Arts in July 2017

Wood fired Kilns 

Today, sometime in July 2017 we went  get the seasoned wood for the wood fired kiln that Tony has built in his biggest of sheds .

This is the culmination of five years planning, finding, buying  and building.

First the clippings from our hedge rows were burnt and the ash soaked . Then the massive Nissan hut was purchased from our chum Andy Hazell and brought up to the farm  in sections. 

 Later after winning the top cash prize at the portrait Sculptors annual competition in 2013 , Tony bought a brick kiln from a retired Potter near Newtown.

 Later still Tony, his cousin Nigel  and his brother Pat put up the huge Nissan hut and then finally this year Tony re built the kiln.

So here he is forty something years after starting his first Pottery job at La Borne, chopping the wood for the kilns in France, chopping wood again for his own wood fired kiln in Wales.

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