Tony Hall Ceramics

Tony Hall is one of the UK’s leading big ware  throwers . He  makes a unique range of distinctive ceramics from exceptional large-scale outdoor terracotta garden pots  to his  hand thrown stoneware using Tenmoku, Shino and Ash glazes.

Trained in La Borne  France Tony developed his career at Whichford Pottery in Warwickshire where he was the chief thrower before establishing The Pottery at Castle Hill Studios. He has made Garden pots for Mrs  Bankes  and Mrs Harley and for lots of  the beautiful Gardens on the Welsh Marches. The garden pots are a 100 % frost proof and  100% made in Knucklas .

While maintaining The  Pottery as his core interest, Tony has branched into innovative complimentary areas of work in Sculpture and in 2014 won the Society of Portrait Sculptors Society prize at the Sladmore Gallery for his sculpture of his daughter Kate .