Tony Hall is getting ready for Spring with hundreds of Terracotta Garden Pots

This photo is of a hundred Terracotta pots taken by the Times magazine for an article written by Katherine Swift when the kids were small and I was… smaller too.

Tony Hall’s Terracotta

At the moment Tony’s studio is packed with Terracotta Garden pots and it’s only February. The garden pots all hand thrown and fettled, are sitting out a six week long process of drying evenly before going into the kiln.


There is also a large Earthenware harvest jug being slip carved for someones secret birthday present and Tony is getting ready for an exhibition of Ceramics at Aadvark Books  in Brampton Bryant .

Devon harvest Jug

Painting and drawing have been on the back burner through out January .

Until now, when I have finally had enough of making soup and need to make gesso instead. I have the ply, the rabbit skin glue, whiting a recipe and the National geographic book of the golden Golden section.

Here is my studio with a lot of gessoed panel one of which is in ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH, DISCOED‘S next Lent exhibition called ‘Forty days’.

And in the background a plaster bust of me aged 25 by Ken Hughes; it seems that every one in our family has a portrait bust of themselves, except Tony of course.

But before any of that I am helping my friend Sarah at the Bleddfa Centre with her brilliant pop up Valentine’s restaurant in the Gallery ‘Le Bistro du Loup’. It is back to film school and set decorating on a tight budget.

And normal news is that lambing will start in early march with my v. small flock of lovely Hill Radnors, (brown faces) which are easy because they are few and have small lambs and we have the brilliant Nissan hut full of hay. It’s their fourth year with me which means they are no longer as wild as gazelles.

The teens are waiting for half term and to a trip somewhere more exciting than Wales in February. Tony has after spending weeks and months combing ebay, bought an old school BMW motorbike at last which you will be seeing out on the roads of East Radnor very soon.


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