Short films and art workshops with Lois Hopwood

My Art and film workshops  with schools in Powys began last October.

Now it is mid March , there is deep snow outside, and school is cancelled tomorrow.

So yesterday at 9.30 pm at the kitchen table ,when I had finished the last of four short films for an exhibition, using ipods, an old Lenovo lap top and movie maker:  I remembered that before  running away to Wales to have a family, saying at Film School  that I would like to work on films for children.

A long way from Leavesdon studios but in a series of one day workshops I found myself returning to story boarding and loving Google images, using puppets , plasticine and making animated collages.  But the one thing that made any of it valuable, interesting  or significant were  the voices of the children from the three schools , reading their stories out loud.

Exhibition of stories, short films and drawings at the Bleddfa centre opens Easter on Good Friday 11a.m

Flora and the beans, The baby Sloth and the Little Leopard , by Presteigne , Radnor Valley and Knighton Primary Schools , supported by the Presteigne Festival, Foyle Foundation, Hanfod Cymru and Radnor Hills with the Bleddfa Centre

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