SHAW Shropshire Hills Art Week Knucklas Open Studios

Shropshire Hills Art Week

Shropshire Hills Art Week Open studios comes to Knucklas 3rd – 11th June 2017


It’s the Shropshire Hills Art Week and we are getting prepared for SHAW in Knucklas, which  if you didn’t know already, is near Knighton on the Powys/ Shropshire borders and  home to an extraordinary number of Artists studios.

15 . Tony Hall Potter is at home at Castle Hill Arts Knucklas LD71PS, follow the SHAW and the Pottery signs up the hill to where the road runs out and turn left down the  track to see the Potter at work .

Tony Hall Potter

14. Maggie Jones Painter & Robert M Wood Glass are just down the hill at Castle Gardens .

16. Lottie O’Leary Stone carver at Upper House , near the pub in the middle of the village, where she has ‘The Camberwell kids’ and Andrew Pearson, Wood Carver exhibiting .

SHAW sign

Shropshire Hills Art Week  directions to Castle Hill Studios and Castle Hill Gardens from the Knighton to Knucklas road B4355.

Take the first turning off of the B 4355 left into the village , take the RH fork in front of the Castle inn .

Number 16. Lottie O’Leary’s Stone carving studio is a couple of houses down from the Pub on your left.



For Tony Hall’s Pottery and Maggie Jones with Robert M Wood follow the road around to the right across a small bridge, do not go under the viaduct!

Immediately in front of you is a single track  lane between a B&B and a barn  with a SHAW sign , telephone box and post box next to it , this is the lane you are looking for.

If you are not walking but driving up the lane to fill your car with Tony’s pots then  please be kind to all our neighbours and their cats  and drive at 20 miles an hour or less.

Just before the ‘ final ascent’ to castle hill and after a very sharp RH bend, you will find that 1st gear is a good idea in anything other than a car .

At Castle Hill There is parking under the Beech tree next to the kiln shed just follow the signs.

Tony Hall Potter

Starting on Saturday 3rd June and open  every day throughout the week until the 11th June and  we have a card machine for Pottery and Art buyers.

Shropshire Hills Art Week

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