Terracotta garden pot Ali baba Giant Jar


Terracotta garden pottery at its most sculptural. The Ali Baba Giant jar dimensions are 1 meter tall x 80 cm at it’s widest point..

This is the largest Ali Baba hand thrown and fired in our pottery  .

It is a Sculptural pot and not suitable for trees because of the relatively narrow top. It does have drainage and is best with a planter inserted into the top of the pot and possibly staked if you get hit by strong gusts of wind in your garden .  If you want a tree pot please talk to Tony Hall on 01547529670.

Additional information
  • Terracotta Garden pot Ali Baba with Sun decorations or plain and simple are a piece of stand alone  sculpture for your garden .

    Terracotta garden pot made in wales . At this size and scale is a rare thing outside of Imprunetta Italy or Crete. While they coil their pots this is  a hand thrown sculptural pot. Made in this country from hand blended clays from stoke on trent, the pot is fired to temperatures high enough for the pot to be 100% frost proof in the British climate .  Six weeks lead in time for all commissioned work, we can  deliver and install  in person because it is a big pot or you can come here and visit our Pottery.

    Please call to talk through your comission with Tony on 01547529670 and order a planter to go in the top.



  • Dimensions 80.00 × 100.00 cm