• In Aid of the Knucklas Castle Community Landtrust  project

    Collaborative craft with Kate Maclean’s decoration on one of Tony Hall’s Earthenware tiles .

    The KCCLP is a community project that looks after 21 acres of land in the village of Knucklas Powys. It has its own website  and shares are available for those who would like to support in that way, alternately, buy a craftsman/artist collaborative pot or tile.

    All of these pots and tiles are made by me (Tony) at Castlehill Studio and decorated by Kate, wherever and whenever she has time. They are made of a red earthenware clay with a white slip applied by dipping, this layer is then scratched away to reveal the dark body underneath.This translates into golden yellow and dark brown by applying a honey coloured transparent glaze over the whole pot. The lustrous surface is enhanced by the use of a “fritted” lead in this glaze giving great colour response, and a safe non toxic glaze at the same time.













    H x W cm