David Nash and Castlehillarts




In the summer of 2008 we went on an Art school trip with the Sidney Nolan Trust to Blaenau Ffestiniog and the studios of David Nash.



The wood sculptures amongst the Mountains and  optimism of worldwide artistic success, against a backdrop of wet slate quarries and ‘European funded’ signs .




David Nash  has a different studio for everything, for drawing, for drying wood , land for growing wood, and a Chapel for his sculptures, it was a lesson in process.



And on waiting for inspiration in the studio he  said  something like this:

” go into the studio and do what you know how to do

and can do for three consecutive days,

after which something new will begin to occur”.





While I have been procrastinating, Tony has already tidied up made up his clay and thrown twenty four new Garden pots in time for Spring, Pottery is all about process.

And we have ‘Coal Store’ a drawing by David Nash for sale in castlehillarts 20th c Art.

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