Landscape painting day at the Pales

Landscape painting day at the Pales 13th June 10 – 4pm
Be inspired by the landscape around the Pales at a landscape painting and drawing workshop led by Lois Hopwood and Karl Sylvester .

                                                                                 Lois Hopwood Landscape painting

Lois studied Fine Art at The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 1982 – 86 and won the South West Open painting prize in 1987. Lois lives and works with the Potter Tony Hall at their studios in Knucklas on Castle Hill Farm.

Karl Sylvester Saint Clements Church Rhayader

Karl Sylvester graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with an MFA in Painting.
Painting is an attempt to capture form and emotion, the play of light on surfaces and textures.
‘I enjoy the simplicity of painting, and the great difficulty of it.’


Lois Hopwood – Landscape drawing

We will begin the day  with making a lot of small pen/pencil/charcoal sketches ,walking and stopping and drawing for the first  hour.
‘ I find that drawing allows me time to think and to start really seeing ‘

Landscape Pen drawing

Landscape pen drawing

We will be creating a restricted palette using  colours from the landscape and mix and paint these as big squares of colour onto paper .
Then using the sketches make simplified drawings.
With the coloured paper we will pull out some significant shapes  from the drawings and collage the landscape back together as a sketch.

Finally drawing and painting back into the collaged picture with graphite/pencils and acrylic paints or moving back purely into painting again.

Abstract Landscape painting – Blue barns

‘I suppose for me it’s as much about the experience of painting in the landscape
as it is about painting a picture of it.’
Being in one place at ‘The Pales’ for a day is a really good constraint (artists love these), making what you can and want to from the landscape in front of you.
Between Karl and myself we will make the Abstracting the landscape painting day, productive, fun and a chance to explore different ways of working.

To book a place please contact Bridget Cherry on £45 for the day please bring your own materials and lunch.

Lois and Tony’s studio at Castle Hill Farm  Knucklas is open for this year’s SHAW – ‘Shropshire Hills Art Week’
3rd – 11th June 10 – 5pm daily. 01547529670


  1. Susie Cawley says:

    Hi Lois
    What date are you planning to to this ?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Susie, 13th June 10-4pm

  2. Vanessa says:

    It sounds most enticing but do you say which day it is? I couldn’t spot a date apart from Shropshire Hills Arts Week – is the course on offer all those days?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Vanessa 13th June 10-4PM